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Infinity, is one of the largest independent Wireless Internet Service Provider in Nasik. Infinity is one of the most experienced, advanced and innovative in the business, delivering state of the wireless technology and excellent services at the most competitive prices, with a portfolio of operations since 2012. Their quality Internet Speed & Excellent Customer Service are a talk of the town.

Infinity currently provides Wireless Internet Services under the brand name Infinity Digital Networks and is the largest Wireless Internet Network in Nasik. Infinity has today grown in size and reach with its wireless internet service being available in the CIDCO Nasik.

Infinity is aware of its role in bringing in the best possible wireless infotainment and service to the customers & communities it serves, through a conscious efforts investment in the latest technology and information the world has to offer. Infinity being a technology driven organization has an enviable reputation of providing high speed Internet access and excellent customer support. Infinity is a genuine provider of wireless broadband network services.

The company has now created Information Highway within Nasik by it large wireless network which is capable of providing high speed internet. Infinity, is one of Nasik’s largest providers of Wireless Broadband Internet Service that explores the true potential of the Internet. It offers high speed, high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection at your home or business. Infinity keeps pace with the new, fast, and ever-changing world of Internet needs. The need to get easy, quick and uninterrupted access to the Internet is a reality with Infinity Broadband.

Infinity Broadband is not just ahead of any other Internet Service today; it also has the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with your ever-increasing Internet needs, offering a flexible product range for high speeds.

Other major group companies – Infinity IT Academy, Infinity IT Services and Hostakers

What we offer??

Our vision is to be a leading Broadband and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in India.

We are acutely conscious of just how critical our services are, to your business. Therefore, we have created strong, empowered teams to take care of service provisioning as well as for the resolution of issues or faults, should you have any. This skilled manpower in the field is dedicated to making your relationship with us smooth and efficient. Our Aim is to provide:

o Easy scalability o 24x7x365 Dedicated High-speed Internet access.
o 24x7x365 Networks Monitoring Service and Technical Helpdesk’s.
o Unparalleled Service Level Guarantee

The goal of this company is to provide High Speed Internet Service. With us, you are assured of platinum-grade service, world-class network infrastructure, global alliances and superior domain expertise.
Infinity Broadband has a completely managed IP network that builds a converged platform to run all Enterprise Solutions. The entire backbone is built on trusted names like Cisco, Ubiquiti to provide data capacity in terabytes and high routing/switching speed..

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